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Coconut Charcoal Trading offers a plenty of services to its loyal customers.

We handle our products on board of ships till the shelves of supermarkets and shops, making sure that the company as well as its customers are surely satisfied and always looking forward to making better deals.

Our Products Coconut Shell Charcoal

The process of producing coconut shell charcoal begins with the carbonization by burning the coconut shell with controlled air that is sufficient for carbonization.
The output  of charcoal  in  the  traditional  pith  method is  just  below  30%  yield.  To obtain good quality charcoal, fully dried, clean, mature shells are used. Coconut Charcoal  are then  sieved to the different sizes that the buyer requires.
“The Consumer is our boss, quality is our work and value for money is our goal”.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette

Coconut Charcoal Briquette  is a  compact  block  charcoal  which made from coconut  shell charcoal.  Our charcoal briquette is made of granular coconut shell charcoal that is crushed charcoal and molded using a natural binder. 
As fuel, it is hotter and last longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for household use both indoor and outdoor for Shisha (hookah, Arguileh) and for BBQ, 

It is natural made from renewable source, virtually smokeless, produces a small quantity  of  ash, burns 3 times longer than typical hardwood charcoal  (more or less 3.5 hours at temperature 730F).   We have different packing size, as the following: 16, 45, 84, 1kg /pack and 3kg/pack for BBQ.

Product Details


    Coconut charcoal trading proudly presents one of the most superior brands of charcoal, KANARA. It is a nature friendly product which is 100% natural, long lasting, economical to use, tasteless and odourless. We have four packages for house use and one large package for restaurant use. The house packages may contain 16, 45, 84 and 1kg of KANARA, while the restaurant package is a 10 Kg package.

    Products Information

    100 % Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes
    Odorless, Smokeless, Tasteless 100% made of coconut shell.
    Burns 3 times longer than any other charcoal.
    Does not produce any sparks while lighting or using.
    Do not use unless the color is glowing red It is odorless and tasteless.
    Keeps the original smell of incense (Bakhour).
    Leaves less than 4% ashes.
    Contains no sulphur.
    More economic to use.
    Environment friendly product.

    Not a single tree was cut to make this product.
    Using Kanara is contributing to the preservation of our rainforest.
    Use Kanara charcoal for : Barbecuing

    Resins, incense, powdered herbal blends or dried herbals burning.
    Water-pipe, Shisha, Arguileh, hookah smoking.