About Our Company

Our brand name product is called: “KANARA”.

We are number 1 in less than 2 years... KANARA has caught the fame and made the best impression a charcoal can do. It is a well known brand with excellent specifications. This product has proven its success in the land of oaks, and the best restaurants in the country are our clients. The way we have penetrated the market was efficient and well planned, that made us among the top in less than a year. We had radio ads, distribution of samples and flyers, magazine ads, newspapers and point of sale material. 

This charcoal is made from the hard shell of coconuts.100% natural. It Lasts Longer (around 1 hour) without any smoke or smell and very little ashes left behind.

Restaurants will be saving employees, storage space, waste amounts, bad quality charcoal, smoke, smell and sparks, less sour throats and burning of tobacco due to continuous changing of charcoals... and mostly saving money at the end,


On the other hand Restaurants will be gaining Uniform HIGH QUALITY, 100% NATURAL. Add to this all the amounts consumed will be LESS by 2/3 the amounts they are using now and still they are getting more pleased customers 1 FULL HOUR of burning charcoals means 1 full hour of relaxing and enjoying smoking shisha (people who like to have shisha do it to relax more than to wait for the charcoal guy), so you are giving them Maximum Customer Satisfaction.